Ski touring is a very pure form of roaming the mountains. It offers a lot of possibilities and there is no need for lifts: you go wherever your legs take you! It’s also a different approach as you progress at your own pace and enjoy un tracked descents in the wildest places of the alps.

 day outings: Varying from 300m elevation gain to 2000m strenuous days.

multi day tours days: A total immersion in the mountains, skiing from hut to hut.

Ski touring is accessible with an intermediate level of off-piste.

Up to 6 people (depending on the difficulty)

price: starting at 380€ a day

Beginner(s), we adapt this activity to your desires and your skills.


Follow the guide to the best off-piste spots in the Alps! Chamonix, La Grave, Serre Chevalier, Montgenevre,…

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced avalanche rescuer: (re)Learn how to use safety equipment / avalanche rescue techniques / risk concepts. 

Improve your powder technique

Enjoy the experience and discover new horizons

Up to 6 people (depending on the difficulty)

price: starting at 38o€ a day