Discovering The Verdon Gorges

1st taste of the Verdon’s multipich

Last September, while I was climbing the Verdon for almost a month, Anne joined me for 2 days to discover the gorges. Although a seasoned climber, she had never yet tasted the pleasure of the drops of water of the Verdon.

We start with Atelier Clandestin, a superb route whose key length is a pillar of 35m in 6c, enough to get into the swing.

Atelier Clandestin, 6a+ traverse

The 2nd day we opt for a classic in 6b+ (sandbag) Rivière d’Argent. The pich are all more beautiful one than the other, and the styles vary, it’s a must !

Rivière d’Argent : 6b+ water drop

Two beautiful days of discovery that makes you want to see more !

Well done Anne

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