Crack Climbing in Chamonix

A glimpse from the last crack climbing schools Cyrielle's First 6a trad We've been teaching several crack climbing school this summer. Participants have been leading their first trad route, learning how to place cams, how to do artificial climbing and mutlipich.. and how to jam in cracks ! @julia.ascentphotography @julia.ascentphotography During July's course we've been … Continue reading Crack Climbing in Chamonix

Crack Climbing School Chamonix

3rd to 6th SEPTEMBER 2020 GOALS : Improve your technicsDevelop your crack climbing skillsfinger jamhand jamringlockfist jamOffwidthPlacing protections (cams,nuts,slings,..)Multipitch rope management ORGANISATION : 4 to 6 participants4 day course2 training days (1 guide)2 multipich days (2 guides depending of the number of participants )Location depending on group skills/ weather . (Option B Val d’Orco / … Continue reading Crack Climbing School Chamonix

Aguja El Faro, Cerro San Lorenzo

The path to Cerro Cochrane and it's satellites is easily travelled. From "Las Horquetas", a lonely hotel where Quentin Tarentino's "from dusk till dawn" might have been filmed, the asphalt turns west and changes into a dusty "estancia" road. Thousands of Huanacos, rabbits, Puma's, Niandu, Cachaña, Pichu and other animals live in this wildlife paradise. … Continue reading Aguja El Faro, Cerro San Lorenzo